Grove Collaborative (Free diapers!)

I knew if I said "free diapers" someone would show up.  

I've clicked on more than one targeted ad in the last few years that claims free diapers and doesn't deliver. I even did the [major diaper co] Co "free trial" which consisted of five diapers (that I paid $5.95 shipping and handling to receive.) I was then auto enrolled in their most expensive monthly subscription, and all of the emails warning me of such were stuck in my spam folder. I was more than surprised to have two huge boxes show up at my house and have my credit card billed over $400 the next month! I learned my lesson about how many of the offers for "free diapers" are just preying on the desire for moms to provide for their families needs without breaking the bank. 


Well my experience with Grove Collaborative has been quite the opposite! A full pack of diapers and a full pack of wipes to try (because who can tell if they like something from less than a day of use?) and clear communication about my next shipment and how to change or cancel my order. I couldn't be happier and I haven't even opened the box!





What came in the box: a package of 27 size 3 diapers (size specified by me) and a package of 64 wipes.  

What came in the box: a package of 27 size 3 diapers (size specified by me) and a package of 64 wipes.  

OK- I took a brief intermission (a day) away to try these out and I even (!) tried them overnight on my little 4 month old. I am astonished that they did not leak overnight! We usually cloth diaper but I have not found a leak-proof solution for overnights so we had been splitting it up using disposables at night. 

Being the little deal sleuth that I am I had every intention of canceling this subscription before the next shipment but I won't be canceling anymore! I'm going to relax on trying to troubleshoot the cloth-overnight situation and just enjoy some peace with these diapers for a while. :)

Here is a link to try the free diapers


* I was going to include a lengthy section on 'other' diapers and the chemicals that are in them and the terrible things those chemicals are linked to but I don't think that's necessary. For one: there are many posts on the internet already so if you feel inclined to google... and second: we all try our best. Sometimes there's so much guilt already swimming around in our mom-minds about feeding, clothing, sun exposure, stimulating activities, and on and on and on that we don't need one more thing to fret about.  

"Be the change you want to see in your diaper"

That's what my husband says to our daughter when she squeaks and squawks about wanting her diaper changed. She's at a very vocal point in her development and we are enjoying the coos and babble that is coming out of her lately. 

So cloth diapering- is it insane to try and wash every piece of fabric that your tiny person is going to pee and poop on at 8 weeks old? My vote is no, it is not so difficult. Keep in mind that right now I am a stay at home parent and we have a washer and dryer in the house. I thought I would want the fancy pocket or all in one diapers and I find myself gravitating towards the ease of a prefold, Snappi, and a (Rumparooz) cover. 

I purchased newborn Workhorse Fitted diapers second hand from Greeen Mountain Diapers but guess what? My large lady fit in them for about a week. 

We were generously gifted some newborn (never fit), size one, and size two disposable diapers and I won't lie- some days I was thanking Zeus that those were available to us because again- just me and my little one here while my husband works 9834865763578 hours a week in Hollywood and some days are just HARD with a "Colicky" baby. (More on Colic later in another post..)

So if you're on the fence about cloth diapering my verdict at 8 weeks in is: Try it out. If you're not sure you'll want to then only buy a few and see how it goes. You don't need to commit,  spend a lot, or have an entire stash ready to roll to give it a try. Many other parents that are cloth diapering, like us, keep some disposables on hand for off days or when they go out. It's not all or nothing. If you're trying to reduce waste or money spent- every little bit helps. 

It's okay to hate your due date

It’s okay to hate your “due date”

Hi, My name is Kelley and I’m here to tell you that its okay if you hate your due date.

You went to the Doctor or Midwife for your first visit as a PREGNANT LADY(!!!) and they likely pulled out a little paper circle and then gave you a magical date. A date that felt impossibly far away and incredibly close at the same time. The magic day you would meet your baby.

Then all of pregnancy happened- the first picture you took of your “bump” that was really just bloat, the waking up to pee ten thousand times a night because your now obvious bump is squashing your bladder, and the “I wonder if I will ever not be pregnant..” has crossed your mind more than a few times.

Leading up to THE DAY you have done all the things the internet and the books and your friends have told you to- maybe you hired a doula, made freezer meals, cleaned the whole house, set up a nursery, installed a carseat – or maybe you have just thought about doing those things but they fell to the wayside because Netflix/ice cream/ the couch.

Here it is – THE DAY-

It comes and goes without a peep from your little one. You’re wondering what the deal is because you were told this is the day you’ll meet your child, the day when you’ll go from uncomfortable pregnant lady to somebody’s mother…

And nothing happens. In my case, my beautiful and wonderful sister in law went into labor and had my nephew three weeks early on my due date and I was just the uncomfortable pregnant lady a few hundred miles away, sad that I couldn’t be there to meet my nephew.  People thought I might be bitter, but I just felt sad like I was missing a huge event in my brother’s life, one that I could potentially help with. I desperately wanted to run (well.. waddle) to the airport and get on a plane.

Our close friends planned vacations, work off, etc around the birth of their son only to have him hop out 5 weeks early, small, but perfect and healthy. It seemed unfair that her husband would have to go back to work for his “busy season” during his son’s first weeks of life when they had planned (and got lucky) to have him born during dad’s down time.

So, the “due date” is nonsense. It really is- look up the statistics (I’m a new mom you can’t expect me to do all the work and insert a link here) and you’ll see that less than 5% of babies are born on their “due date.”

When that day comes and goes, or if it’s a few weeks away and your water breaks, just know that you’re not alone and it’s totally acceptable to hate your due date.

Sometimes you really should jump out of a perfectly good airplane


Look at that guy up there - He's my friend Ted. As all good friends do, he teaches me things. He also jumps out of perfectly good airplanes! Daring and adventurous, my introverted self tries to be more like Ted sometimes. His actions allow growth and I DO love to grow. 

The process of becoming a parent can feel a bit like you're getting ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Why would you jump out? You've got a pretty good life right now as it is. Things are comfortable and things just WORK. They work because you've prepared yourself for each step in your life with the tools you had available. You packed a parachute to keep yourself safe on some of those steps, and might have forgotten to on others. Everything has led up to now when you're trying to get ready for parenthood. 

Prepare yourself by hiring a doula - surround yourself in postpartum support and then jump out of the airplane (have that baby!) and ride the fall. You've got a parachute and you're ready for anything! You're going to learn, you're going to grow, and you're going to be better for it. 

Hello California!

We have just arrived in California this month and and I am so excited to get started. I am making educational strides towards becoming a Lactation Counselor and eventually an IBCLC! 

I am excited to be in RIE mecca and to work on their professional development training to become a RIE trainer! I love the philosophy and couldn't be more excited to start working with more practitioners in the area! 


So far the sun has provided a warm welcome!

Why your baby doesn't want you to have sex

I head this on NPR one day and decided to look up the information and share it on my blog. I've said this to parents before. Discovery Digital Network "Test Tube" posted the following video explaining the studies that have been done around this information. I find evolution to be infinitely interesting. Reason #1 why Postpartum support and overnight care for newborns will never be obsolete (in our lifetime, anyway!)

A perfect blog post..

that sums up my feelings when people ask me "oh, so do you try to convince parents to do X?" and I can honestly answer them "no, I provide as much information as I can and then provide non judgmental support for their parenting decisions."

Local birth Doula Ariel Swift sums up those sentiments beautifully in this blog post.

Yes, it is possible and there is a great team of birth and childcare workers here in Chicago that are happy to support you in your choices. There is enough judgement elsewhere.


More on carseat safety!

Here's a great article about the first "mistake" parents usually make when leaving the hospital: incorrect use of their carseat! 

Schedule your carseat safety check today! 

How it works: 

We schedule a time where we can get together and I'll show you how and where to install your carseat in your vehicle. I'll go over all of the steps with you based on your vehicle and choice of carseat. We can discuss options like which position would work best for your family and how you can make sure that you always install the seat correctly. 


Transitioning out of the swaddle- the Zipadee-Zip!

As seen on Shark Tank- the Zipadee-Zip seems like a great way to transition out of a swaddle after baby can roll over. I usually swaddle baby with one arm out, and then the other (so just wrapped snugly around baby's torso) and eventually just a sleep sack (wearable blanket like this one made by Halo) but this can help new parents that aren't as confident in their swaddling, or parents of a little Houdini that can wiggle their way out of almost anything.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga was recently featured in the first research study of its kind.

You can read about the study here to find out more. Yoga has been shown to decrease stress levels in pregnant women which has a slew of health benefits for mom and baby. 


There are some wonderful yoga classes in and around Chicago. I have heard fantastic things about Cocoon Care and can't wait to get through their doors to check it out. 

"Bouncing back" after baby (a modern cultural obsession)

I was sent an article that perfectly explains the United States obsession with "bouncing back" quickly from childbirth; How in every other country women are not held to this standard. This is why Postpartum doulas exist! This is why I have a livelihood doing something I love- because adjusting to a new baby and recovering from childbirth takes more than six weeks off of your paid job- there is still a household to run, things to be managed, cleaned, prepared, and another tiny human to take care of. 

It's unfair to place this standard on women anywhere. Historically, in every culture, women were pampered after having a baby and taken care of. My hope is that doula services become the norm and that healthcare plans are required to include doula services (as well as other complimentary care) so that the help is more accessible. (A girl can dream.)

Here is the article.

Attention Twin Mamas!

I just ran into this post over at Mint Arrow. The Baby Jogger City Select is on sale on Amazon! The City Select is THE best inline double stroller. It's usually over $600 for the stroller and second seat- this is a steal! 

I have also seen them for sale on Craigslist in good condition. A stroller doesn't have to be brand new- many people take great care of them. Buying used can save a bundle of money for the things you DON'T want used- like a carseat. (Second hand carseats may have been structurally compromised by a car accident. Unless you know the full history of the seat it's recommended that you buy from a retailer. )


Check out all the ways that two seats can be configured: 

Birth Doula Services

I have taken my training with Amy Gilliland of Midwest Doula Trainers and I am ready to start providing birth doula services for Chicago families! 


I am working with Chicago Volunteer Doulas who provide doulas for all women that want one but may not be able to afford doula services. I will also be offering service though my website and meeting with clients individually.


Jump over to  Evidence Based Birth to see the statistics on how a Doula can help you have a better birth!