"Bouncing back" after baby (a modern cultural obsession)

I was sent an article that perfectly explains the United States obsession with "bouncing back" quickly from childbirth; How in every other country women are not held to this standard. This is why Postpartum doulas exist! This is why I have a livelihood doing something I love- because adjusting to a new baby and recovering from childbirth takes more than six weeks off of your paid job- there is still a household to run, things to be managed, cleaned, prepared, and another tiny human to take care of. 

It's unfair to place this standard on women anywhere. Historically, in every culture, women were pampered after having a baby and taken care of. My hope is that doula services become the norm and that healthcare plans are required to include doula services (as well as other complimentary care) so that the help is more accessible. (A girl can dream.)

Here is the article.