"Be the change you want to see in your diaper"

That's what my husband says to our daughter when she squeaks and squawks about wanting her diaper changed. She's at a very vocal point in her development and we are enjoying the coos and babble that is coming out of her lately. 

So cloth diapering- is it insane to try and wash every piece of fabric that your tiny person is going to pee and poop on at 8 weeks old? My vote is no, it is not so difficult. Keep in mind that right now I am a stay at home parent and we have a washer and dryer in the house. I thought I would want the fancy pocket or all in one diapers and I find myself gravitating towards the ease of a prefold, Snappi, and a (Rumparooz) cover. 

I purchased newborn Workhorse Fitted diapers second hand from Greeen Mountain Diapers but guess what? My large lady fit in them for about a week. 

We were generously gifted some newborn (never fit), size one, and size two disposable diapers and I won't lie- some days I was thanking Zeus that those were available to us because again- just me and my little one here while my husband works 9834865763578 hours a week in Hollywood and some days are just HARD with a "Colicky" baby. (More on Colic later in another post..)

So if you're on the fence about cloth diapering my verdict at 8 weeks in is: Try it out. If you're not sure you'll want to then only buy a few and see how it goes. You don't need to commit,  spend a lot, or have an entire stash ready to roll to give it a try. Many other parents that are cloth diapering, like us, keep some disposables on hand for off days or when they go out. It's not all or nothing. If you're trying to reduce waste or money spent- every little bit helps.