Grove Collaborative (Free diapers!)

I knew if I said "free diapers" someone would show up.  

I've clicked on more than one targeted ad in the last few years that claims free diapers and doesn't deliver. I even did the [major diaper co] Co "free trial" which consisted of five diapers (that I paid $5.95 shipping and handling to receive.) I was then auto enrolled in their most expensive monthly subscription, and all of the emails warning me of such were stuck in my spam folder. I was more than surprised to have two huge boxes show up at my house and have my credit card billed over $400 the next month! I learned my lesson about how many of the offers for "free diapers" are just preying on the desire for moms to provide for their families needs without breaking the bank. 


Well my experience with Grove Collaborative has been quite the opposite! A full pack of diapers and a full pack of wipes to try (because who can tell if they like something from less than a day of use?) and clear communication about my next shipment and how to change or cancel my order. I couldn't be happier and I haven't even opened the box!





What came in the box: a package of 27 size 3 diapers (size specified by me) and a package of 64 wipes.  

What came in the box: a package of 27 size 3 diapers (size specified by me) and a package of 64 wipes.  

OK- I took a brief intermission (a day) away to try these out and I even (!) tried them overnight on my little 4 month old. I am astonished that they did not leak overnight! We usually cloth diaper but I have not found a leak-proof solution for overnights so we had been splitting it up using disposables at night. 

Being the little deal sleuth that I am I had every intention of canceling this subscription before the next shipment but I won't be canceling anymore! I'm going to relax on trying to troubleshoot the cloth-overnight situation and just enjoy some peace with these diapers for a while. :)

Here is a link to try the free diapers


* I was going to include a lengthy section on 'other' diapers and the chemicals that are in them and the terrible things those chemicals are linked to but I don't think that's necessary. For one: there are many posts on the internet already so if you feel inclined to google... and second: we all try our best. Sometimes there's so much guilt already swimming around in our mom-minds about feeding, clothing, sun exposure, stimulating activities, and on and on and on that we don't need one more thing to fret about.