Kelley cared for my twin boys several times when they were 0-4 months, and again recently (my boys are now 2 years old). She always entered my home with a quiet calm that seemed to affect everyone, adults included, making us all feel comfortable and at peace. She has always had a magical, calming effect on my boys and never seemed to feel overwhelmed with two tiny newborns. They are entranced by her and seem drawn to her relaxed, unfazed, and upbeat attitude. She is extraordinarily well-educated in matters of child development, parenting, and breastfeeding and has been a resource and support to me through many difficult situations. She also left my home tidied up and often cleaned dishes and floors without being asked. I have referred new parents to Kelley, who have been happy with her postpartum services. I would recommend Kelley to any parents who need help at any stage!
— Bryn Lovejoy-Grinnell